Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of the young women in our ward is on the Charlonian team at Jordan (the drill team). They do Jr. Chars (I think that's what it's called) at one of the football games where a bunch of kids between 3 and some other age learn a dance and dance at half time. Tea went. During practices you would think it would be a train wreck with her. She didn't practice, she was in her own world and she kept going and standing and dancing by the teachers. Oh well she was having fun....then the night came and she did fantastic. Once she saw that crowd she came alive. On the way off the field she got in front of everyone and was waving to the crowd and smiling from ear to ear. She loves an audience. She is so opposite of me. She is shy until she realizes her voice will be projected over a microphone or she will be in front of hundreds dancing. I can't do that. I'm much better close up. Here's some pictures of our little star!

Eating the popsicle after.

Here's her leaving the field soaking in all the attention.

What a star!!

Her cute little group.

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